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War Poets

Pop-rock band War Poets are uncompromising social justice advocates with a refreshingly inviting approach to expressing their ideals. They infiltrate the pop-rock genre using smart hooks and compelling narratives to gracefully invite listeners to consider their social and political perspectives. “The songs we write have messages, but we like to pass these on in stories so they’re more relatable,” says Rex Haberman, the band’s primary creative force.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based group has garnered favorable comparisons to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and the Replacements. Like the aforementioned artists, War Poets draw on Americana, pop, and rock to achieve an aesthetic that’s refined but rootsy.

In just 14 months, War Poets have managed to build a highly impressive artist profile. The video for band’s lead off single, “Close Enough,” from War Poets’ debut full length, Dulce et Decorum Est, has wracked up an astounding 250,000 views. It was a heartwarming statement on marriage equality dedicated to the memory of the historical NYC Stonewall uprisings, and the track became an anthem for many same-sex marriage supporters. The group’s follow-up video (for the single, “Will You Be There”) netted over 45,000 views. War Poets’ music is played nationally on both AAA and college radio formats. The group has the added distinction of being the #1 most played album on KSJS radio in San Jose, CA. War Poets have earned nine TV and film licenses. Last spring, War Poets played Red Gorilla Music Festival during SXSW. The group has worked with such iconic producers as Grammy winner Kevin Bowe (Etta James, Jonny Lang) and five-time Grammy winner Joe Baldridge (Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson). It’s been one heck of a year for War Poets.

The group has a unique band structure built around a core duo of Haberman as the primary singer-songwriter and guitarist, and bassist-vocalist, and contributing songwriter, Jenny Case as the musical director. The two keep an ongoing artistic dialogue with creative advisor Matt Kirkwold who also contributes songs to War Poets. Previous to War Poets, Haberman had recorded and released three albums, and Case has led her own band, and played in many cover bands. Currently, she is the executive director of She Rock She Rock Foundation.

When forming War Poets, Haberman made a socially conscious decision to build the band around a female singer-bassist. “I have a strong opinion about the status of women in music because I find it a really male-dominated world,” he reveals. When he expressed the idea of forging a female/male artistic alliance to creative advisor Matt Kirkwold (Haberman and Kirkwold have been friends and collaborators for 15 years) Kirkwold suggested Case. “We work together like we’re on a mission,” Haberman explains. “Jenny has high standards. She’s a perfectionist in the studio and really pushes the band’s performances. She’s super talented and highly professional.” The two also have complimentary voices with Chase’s angelic and schooled vocals providing a sweet counterpoint to Haberman’s plaintive and impassioned vocal stylings. Rounding out the ranks as a full-band collective is a fluid mix of some of the Midwest’s finest musicians and songwriters.

The group’s new album is boldly titled American Police State, evoking the red button topics shared within its irresistible pop-rock songs. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on the album and Haberman’s sneak-peak revelations are that the new album will discuss income inequality, Native American rights, and gun violence. “What is a gun really for? It’s for killing people,” Haberman affirms. “I realize I have strong opinions on gun violence, but we’re musicians, not politicians. We put our views out there by singing so people can think about this.” War Poets are currently readying one of their signature poignant and purposeful videos for “8:05 On A Saturday Night” which addresses gun violence directly without glorifying an atrocity.

In a very short amount of time, War Poets have made an impact as musicians and as messengers. They have been embraced by masses and respected by some of the music industry’s leading lights. “The most fulfilling moment of it all might be when we played ‘Close Enough’ during our CD release party. There were all these people I’ve never seen before so into that song,” Haberman says, pausing thoughtfully. “As a heterosexual male, making that connection that we have different orientations but I still care for you, respect you, and love you as another human being. That was a great moment.”



Amy Madden: Hotel Ruin and Other (Vintage) Minor Disturbances and B-Sides

Amy Madden’s “Minor Disturbances” finally as digital release.

Amy Madden’s U.K. 1989 vinyl release, ‘Minor Disturbances’ drew rave reviews from Melody Maker, Billboard and the NME. Finally the album is now available as a digital release, along with live recordings from her earliest performances, some dark poetic 8-track home demos, and a rare Jamaican radio dub-mix of one of her first compositions.

Belpid Records now releases Amy Madden’s album “Hotel Ruin and other (vintage) Minor Disturbances and B-sides” (Belpid 040). It’s an album of all-original dark, minor key 1980′s analogue-recorded pop/rock from both London and New York City.

13 all-original tracks, featuring the stellar guitar of Jon Gordon (Suzanne Vega), Jon Paris, Freddie Katz and Joe Pisciotta. Charlie Giordano (of Springsteen’s E Street Band) played accordion on the (minor) hit single, “Hotel Ruin”, which was originally released by One Big Guitar Records and distributed by Rough Trade. Long out-of-print and most of it never released before, rarely have 80′s indie rock sounded this great.




Elliott Wheeler

Elliott Wheeler is a Sydney based composer, producer and founder of Turning Studios. Classically trained, he studied composition and brass studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Philosophy at Sydney University. Since then, he has worked continuously as a screen composer and producer across a broad spectrum of genres from studio releases to film, documentary, commercials, and theatre.
For the last year he has been working on the soundtrack for Baz Lurhmann’s “The Great Gatsby”, collaborating on material from all of the film’s artists, from Jay Z, Florence + the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Jack White,, Bryan Ferry and his Jazz Orchestra, Emile Sande and Kid Koala, Fergie, Q Tip and Goon Rock, as well as providing original additional music for the film. Wheeler’s currently working on the soundtrack for the new George Miller Mad Max film, “Fury Road”, as well as Rob Conolly’s adaption of Tim Winton’s “The Turning” – a collection of eighteen short films directed by diverse range of artists and directors including Cate Blanchett, David Wenham and Mia Wasikowska, among others.

In 2011, Elliott produced and arranged the “Ship Song Project” for the Sydney Opera House, taking Nick Cave’s iconic torch song and filtering it through the lens of some of the most iconic artists and ensembles to perform at the House, from Neil Finn, Martha Wainright, Daniel Johns, and Temper Trap, through to the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Opera Australia.

As well as his filmwork, 2013 sees the worldwide release of his debut studio album, “The Long Time” which features Wheeler along with a succession of veiled muses – hand-picked from his extensive work with the best Australian singers in jazz, neo folk, indie rock – adding to the mystique and sense of theatre that sits at the core of the album. Each track on the album takes it’s inspiration from one of Wheeler’s favourite scenes from his most loved films of the 60′s and 70′s. “The Long Time” is due for release soon.




Amatorski was recently described as “the best Belgian act around at the moment” by The Guardian (UK), while Les Inrockuptibles raved about the band’s recent show at the Reeperbahn Festival, “extremely classy… refined, delicate, melodic, subtle: the most beautiful concert of the evening”. The French magazine went on to compare the band’s “absolutely delicious atmospheric pop” to the music of Sufjan Stevens, Portishead and Sparklehorse, while other writers have evoked Sigur Ros or The Cocteau Twins.<a href=””><img class=”size-medium wp-image-791 alignright” alt=”Amatorski” src=”×236.jpg” width=”300″ height=”236″ /></a>

Singer Inne Eysermans (who also plays keyboards &amp; guitar), guitarist/vocalist Sebastiaan Van den Branden, bass &amp; keyboard player Hilke Ros and drummer Christophe Claeys formed Amatorski in Ghent, and immediately achieved wide recognition in the Benelux with their self-produced, self-released Same Stars We Shared EP, which contained four exquisite songs written by Inne, and carried by her hypnotic voice.

Inspired by the letters exchanged by Inne’s great-grandparents during World War II, the EP’s opening track “Come Home” conquered the local charts, got airplay on all national radio stations, and was used in a commercial for a famous brand of water.

Then came the TBC album, a beautifully arranged suite of songs which weaves electronic &amp; acoustic ingredients with delicate orchestrations. The album was again created in the band’s studio in Ghent, and mixed in London by Darren Allison (known for his work with Belle &amp; Sebastian, Efterklang and The Divine Comedy). The album ascended to #5 in the Belgian charts (a rare feat for a totally self-released album), and earned the band nominations in several categories at the Belgian Music Industry Awards.

The band’s two music videos were directed by young up-and-coming Belgian film directors (Wannes De Stoop for The King, and Maria De Gier for Soldier).

“Amatorski” means “amateur” in Polish. The name may possibly be connected to a certain movie by K.Kieslowski.

Amatorski’s devoted following keeps increasing after each of the band’s mesmerising performances (“Perfection on all fronts”, according to Dutch magazine OOR), which beautifully translate the album’s dreamy sonic &amp; lyrical universe.

The band has now joined forces with Crammed Discs, who will be giving Amatorski its first international release, with a special double-pack edition of the “TBC” album and the “Same Stars We Shared” EP, due out in early Spring 2013.

Amatorski’s track “Come Home” has been selected by Google Music to be part of their monthly Antenna emerging artist feature, one of their most successful slots!

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Meredith O’Connor

Meredith O’Connor is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from New York. She has trained in classical, Broadway, and pop vocals, as well as theater and dance, and performed in professional and local productions including “Annie”, “Grease”, and “Little Shop of Horrors”. Meredith loved to be on stage, and found her passion at a young age.

<a href=””><img class=”size-medium wp-image-633 alignright” alt=”3″ src=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>

Unfortunately, at school she was ostracized because she didn’t fit in, and faced harassment by other students. After spending much of her junior high and high school years being on the outside of the in crowd, (too tall, too skinny, too weird, no good at sports), in 2011 Meredith was “discovered” by a Miss Teen/ USA scout, and launched a successful modeling/acting/singing career. In 2012, she began production of an EP of her original songs with Threshold Studios, which is soon to be released. Meredith’s songs speak to young people who are deciding who they want to be. In “The Game” she seeks to inspire teens to be brave, and stand up for those who have been left out of the social hierarchy. “Celebrity” beautifully expresses her “prove them wrong” attitude when it comes to people who have treated you unfairly. Her music is edgy country-pop, a combination of Taylor Swift and Alanis Morisette.

Meredith also has a leading role in the upcoming independent film “Red-Headed Randy”, an anti-bullying horror film, designed to get young people’s attention. Her song, “The Game”, will be featured on the soundtrack. Meredith is a member of “It gets Better” since 2010 and is an official advisor for the “reach out” magazine and online blog ( ) She makes herself available for speaking engagements to groups of young people, sharing her music and her story, and encouraging teens to be inclusive and tolerant of one another’s differences.

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Ghost Stories

Monks Of Mellonwah Release ‘Ghost Stories’ Single

The year 2013 has so far shaped up to be a busy and successful yearGhost Stories
for Australian Alternative Rock band the Monks of Mellonwah. After 3
EP’s since 2009, the band has recently departed with their 3rd
release, ‘Sky And The Dark Night’ and is now celebrating their new
partnership with company A&R Worldwide (Muse, Coldplay) with the
release of single ‘Ghost Stories’. Ghost Stories features the single
‘Ghost Stories’ and two new tracks fast-tracked from their debut album
‘Turn The People’, which is set for release in late 2013.

The band has been described as the ‘birth child’ of bands such as Pink
Floyd and Led Zeppelin, noted as their primary influences. Their music
includes hard-hitting Alternative Rock combined with elements of space
and electronica, and their forthcoming releases are a testament to
this. Their most recent EP, ‘Sky And Dark Night’ explores elements of
classism and film music, noting Hans Zimmer as their primary
inspiration for it. The three track EP takes the listener on an epic
journey of discovery and musically marks the continued evolution of
the band into a darker, more intense exploration of their combined
talents and influences.

The Sky And The Dark Night Trilogy was released in March and has since
been reviewed by over 50 blogs worldwide, being described as “nothing
less than symphonic artistry in its purest and rawest form? (Limerence
Magazine 2012). The 8-minute long Trilogy has also enjoyed significant
airplay in its entirety across a number of radio stations in Australia
and NSW, and to celebrate it’s success, the band has just released the
Trilogy on limited edition 10″ vinyl.

The ‘Ghost Stories’ release coincides with the bands’ recent selection
to play at Singapore?s acclaimed Music Matters Festival, as well as
their involvement with A&R Worldwide. Having won respective awards for
‘Best International Rock Band’ and ‘Best Indie Rock Band’ at the LA
Music Awards and AIM Music Awards in 2012, and following an East &
West Coast tour of the US, the recent deal with A&R Worldwide marks
the bands continual push at breaking into US and International
Markets. The release of a full-length album in late 2013 will also see
the band doing further touring both nationally and internationally.

Marla Mase

Marla Mase

Marla Mase is a writer/performer/producer/singer/songwriter from NewMarla Mase
York City. She writes songs, plays, monologues, short stories,
erotica, blogs, and poems. Marla is known for her provocative, raw
performance style and intelligent lyrics and is regarded by her peers
as being a true musical pioneer of our time. She is backed by the
Tomás Doncker Band. Just off her first tour in China where she
was invited by the Friends of the UN to perform for UN GLOBAL PEACE
DAY in Linzhou City, Marla was given an honorary ?Messenger of Peace?
award for her visionary work as a songwriter and performing artist.
Her fans span the globe.

Marla is about to release the DELUXE Edition of her album SPEAK (on
Feb 28, 2013) which will include the 10 songs on the original 2010
album plus 6 new tracks including Piece of Peace, AnnaRexia (a reggae
track featuring
Garrison Hawk from Bill Laswell?s Method of Defiance), and Bill
Laswell?s dubmix version of AnnaRexia. AnnaRexia is spearheading the
StayImperfect Project or Love Your Butt Campaign, which Marla created
to empower women to not only accept but love themselves and their
bodies. Proceeds from AnnaRexia as well as emerging artist, Lael
Summer?s track, The Good Fight (whose EP Marla co-produced with
Doncker) will go towards, a non-profit organization
founded by two teenage eating disorder survivors, that raises
scholarship money for girls whose families cannot afford to send them
to treatment.

Mase is currently developing THE SPEAK SHOW, a multi-media
concert/performance piece using music (from SPEAK DELUXE), spoken
word, dance and visual imagery to explore the themes of confinement,
sexuality, body image, trauma, oppression (internal/external) and
freedom as a means of celebrating the raw reality of our human
condition as expressed through the eyes, bodies, voices of women. It
was recently booked for NYC Summerstage 2013.

Her debut album, the rock opera, A Brief Night Out (BNO), tells the
story of a woman, having an affair, breaking-down, obsessing on war
and re-assessing her life. It is also the soundtrack to a theatrical
version of the same story that has been performed in New York City
with Broadway Veteran Martin Vidnovic playing all the male roles and
also as a one-woman show directed by Sara Berg.

Marla?s play, The Canarsie Line directed by Kathryn Rossetter, ran at
The Bank Street Theatre to sold out audiences in 2002. Her play
Man/Woman was work-shopped at the Abingdon Theatre in 2004.

Marla has her MA in writing and performance from NYU and is a member
of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Most importantly Marla is the mother to two beautiful souls.


The Glass Child

The story of The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is one of those you usually see on movies. Only 18 years
old she took off to London all on her own, leaving everything she had to dedicate her life to her
the_glass_child_extrasmallmusic and art. Landed in the UK, she spent two years travelling, wandering and learning – a worn out bag and a guitar as her only travelling companions, friends’ couches were her home.

Her journey actually became a tour that brought Charlotte to play all over the UK, connecting
with fans and followers through her raw voice and resulted in an exploding online-buzz. With
nothing but hard work and determination she’s created a community of incredibly dedicated fans
with 19,000 followers on twitter and her social networking sites. With her own label, Broken Glass Records, Charlotte produced and released 3 critically acclaimed EPs, and in just a few days, the single ’I Will Lead You Home’ – released for the

Swedish cancer-organization ’Ung Cancer’ – reached #2 on the Swedish iTunes chart and hasnow been played over 500,000 times on YouTube. With this exposure, Charlotte was named
Breakthrough Indie Artist of the Year by Lemonade Magazine and has been played on major
radios such as BBC6, Sveriges Radio (Sweden) and 3FM (Netherlands).

Now, after a new journey of self-discovery and 3 singles off the album, The Glass Child is
releasing her highly anticipated full-length debut ‘I’d like to remain a mystery’:
the frst single, Stay, will be released on February 12th followed by the album February 26th.
After letting her fans be a part of her journey through her writings, journaling, prose and poetry
on her blog, she’s also self-publishing her frst book later this spring called “Empty Roads and
Broken Bottles”, as a follow-up to the album. An autobiographic story about her journey on the
road, building her life on art and what it means to love and lose and never give up.

”I wanted to turn my life into art. My very existence into a poem. This is my story – it’s been a beautiful fght.
It still is.”


Matthew Heller

invitationSinger-songwriter Matthew Heller’s rock n’ roll folk has the stories, the brave vulnerability, and the painful truths of traditional folk, but it’s just way, way louder. Heller’s unique blend of alt-rock catharsis and protest music messaging is potent and poignant. His latest, Invitation, is a stunning display of raw-nerve emotionality and fine songcraft with a broad dynamic palette that stretches from euphoric rock to introspective ballads.

“This is rock and roll for people who want to f%#@ up shit and break things,” he affirms. “We are the generation of divorce and post heroin-addicted 1990s suburban hipsters. My music is old time American country folk rock with brutal force.”

The Portland, Oregon-based artist has been favorably compared to the Smashing Pumpkins, the Pixies, Coldplay, and Modest Mouse. Like these artists, reviewers praise his fluidity with loud-soft dynamics. His commitment to social activism such as abolishing the death penalty, abolishing the use of lethal unmanned aerial drones, prison reform, and higher environmental regulations, and his bold introspection brings startling immediacy to this timeless aesthetic.

The Portland Tribune insightfully has said: “Two beings seem to be competing for Portland singer Matthew Heller’s soul. One is a snarling, ‘Stick-it-to-the-Man’ folk-blues-buzz-rocker who, despite all his rage, is still just slightly less angry than Billy Corgan, although Heller probably has more real reasons for his angst than his multi-platinum counterpart.” Music Emissions gushed: “Matthew Heller is one of the more aggressive singer-songwriters to ever come upon the music scene. And yet for all his anti-establishment candor, has the chops to emerge with hit singles.”

“I’ve lived in the Mission district in San Francisco, in the Puerto Rican parts of Brooklyn, and in the South Side of Chicago. In Chicago I saw a man freeze to death outside,” Heller says. Invitation is a travelogue of these experiences and his own inner journeys.

There is a real album-oriented flow to Invitation, it’s expansively creative and emotionally broad. The feral roar of “Drone Strike” rallies against the military’s drone missile attacks with wooly guitars and infectious, kiss-off hooks. The song’s accompanying performance video is visceral and vibey, aptly representing the urgency and guts of the song with a captivating live-at-a-party performance. “Space Girl” swaggers along garage rock style, prurient and playful; fittingly, it’s accompanying video is endearingly clever and cheeky. The chillingly atmospheric “Howdy From Hades” is gorgeously mournful ballad on heroin addiction.

“Howdy From Hades,” along with the hard rocking “Father’s Son,” alludes to Heller’s tumultuous childhood. He grew up on a farm with a heroin-addicted mother who eventually succumbed to her demons. “There were a lot of scary people around,” he recalls. “I sometimes lived in the barn because I was too frightened to go in the house. People feel like it’s a sad story, but I’m not about letting that define me. I learned how to do everything myself, and it’s informed the approach I’ve taken with these records.”

Through the female character in “Howdy From Hades” he does reveal some painful insights from growing up. “That song is about a girl in NYC addicted to heroin. She would sometimes say she was coming by and I would wait for her for hours. It felt like I was reliving my childhood, waiting for someone to come by that never showed up.” Here Heller’s writing is poetic and blunt. He writes starkly with a lines like: “She said Detroit seems like a nice place to die, and if the drugs don’t take me, and the saints wont save me, then I guess I’ll just have to stare at the walls and cry, cry, cry.” And contrasts those lyrics with rich, stinging metaphorical prose like: “Drunk into a stupor, drunk into a haze, shot into a dark hole at the mouth of the bay, and as the river ran past me, there was nothing I could do or say, except I already sold my soul to the devil how much more can a man pay?”

The album was produced by David Pollock at Super Natural Sound in Oregon City. Pollock’s audio verite approach to production is warm, defined, and gritty, the result of vintage equipment, tracking to tape, and a desire to capture the sweaty organic feel of musicians in the moment. Invitation features contributions from Tango Alpha Tango’s Nathan Trueb, slide guitar on “Jaclyn Of Spades,” Shenandoah Davis, vocals on “Dismay King,” and Heller’s close friend Katie Belle Van Zandt, daughter of Townes Van Zandt, whose artwork graces the album cover.

“I am not an angry person,” he says reflecting on his work. “I’m just fighting against the biggest corporations, the NRA, the Army, the gun lobby, and Hollywood where they make movies that make guns look cool. I write songs that promote love.”


Love new music. Love XMR.